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Security Products & Services

Burglar bar services in Gauteng

Keep your family and business safe with our proven protection solutions

See-Thru Security

Transparent window protection, the ultimate in transparent burglar bars – Protect Your Home in style with clear & see through burglar bars.
Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet proof windows for your home are the ultimate in home protection. Protect your business & home from intruders with bullet proof windows.
Bullet proof doors

Bullet Resistant Doors

Since doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of a building when it comes to security, we often opt to install “bulletproof” doors…

Steel Manufacturing

High quality steel manufacturers in Gauteng. We manufacture & supply stainless steel strapping, buckles, seals and tools.
Trelli Gate for home use

Trelli Gate Systems

Trellis doors, also known as Security Sliding Gates, are fitted with Slam Lock protection and are 100% Aluminium.
Cash transfer trays for banks and other office use

Cash Transfer Trays

Sliding trays are reverse-action hatches for transferring files, documents, rolls of coins, objects, and tickets of all kinds.

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