Bullet Proof Windows

Protect your home & family with bullet resistant windows

Top level of protection

Bullet proofing services and bullet proof windows have become a very necessary security precaution for the safety of yourself and your family. We understand that you can never be too safe and are experienced in providing top of the range bullet proof windows, poly-carbonates and laminates.

At See Thru Security Solutions our bullet proof glass not only offers firm security and peace of mind, but also privacy as you can’t see the guard from outside.
We have gained product experience and knowledge over our years in the industry, and are full capable of providing you with trusted consulting on safety and solutions.
If you are thinking about upgrading any existing guard houses, no problem.

Bullet resistant glass levels

We will help choose the best glass level for your home or business

9mm hand gun9mm hand gun

Level 1

Bullet Resistant Windows - 357 and 44 magnum handgun resistant

Level 2

Bullet Resistant Windows - AK47 Rifle

Level 3

Bullet Resistant Windows - R1 Rifle

Level 4

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You keep your stunning view without compromising on your security